Welcome to my Learning Project

For my learning project, I have decided to learn about knitting. To give you a little bit of history my great-grandmother and mom have/are knitting. I want to keep it going in the family and it is one of those things that not many people in our generation do much anymore.

I crocheted a scarf which I gave my best friend as a Christmas present. I made a queen-sized hand blanket, and I am also slowly working on a cross-stitch project. All of these things have given me a sense of calmness when I am stressing out about school or just everyday life. I have been wanting to learn how to knit, but I just never have found the time to do it ever. This learning project has given me that excuse to get up off the couch and go to Michaels to get supplies. From there I can start my project.

I am unsure of what I am going to make yet, but I think I am going to call my mom and see what I should do. Or I might look at Michales to see if they have a kit that I could try to do. I am very excited to start this learning project and I hope you are as excited to follow along with me.

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